The Latest macOS Operating System


Catalina is the latest release of macOS, the operating system for Macs. The biggest change is the phasing out of iTunes. Don’t worry, all the music you’ve collected over time, including what you’ve ripped from CDs, is still there. Catalina just breaks down the individual functions of iTunes, including Music, & iPhone backups, into new individual features of the operating system itself. Over the years iTunes has become bloated and not very efficient. This upgrade addresses this issue. Most Mac models introduced in 2012 or later are compatible with macOS Catalina. As with all of our operating system upgrades, it’s a smooth experience for you by making sure you don’t loose any of your data. (Keep in mind that some applications may have to be upgraded to support the new macOS.) Any applications that can, are moved over to Catalina as part of the process. In rare cases, existing programs may not run on the new macOS,  and we work with you upgrading those programs or finding alternative programs that will work. If you have any questions, call us at the shop so we can discuss this with you. For more information, checkout Apple’s official website on upgrading to Catalina. Here’s the link: