The Latest macOS Operating System


Mojave is the latest release of the operating system for Macs. With features like Dark Mode, Stacks, and four new built-in apps, it’s a great upgrade. Most Mac models introduced in 2012 or later are compatible with macOS Mojave, and you can upgrade directly from OS X Mountain Lion or later. As with doing all of our operating system upgrades, we make sure it’s a smooth experience for you making sure you don’t loose any data along the way. Additionally, applications currently on your Mac are moved over to Mojave for you as part of the process. In a rare case, an existing program may not run on the new system so we work with you on either upgrading that program or finding another program that will work. If you have any questions, call us at the shop and we can discuss this with you. For more information, checkout Apple’s official website on upgrading to Mojave. Here’s the link: