Remote Assistance

  • We offer remote assistance to help you.  If you can’t come to the shop we can virtually come to you using the AnyDesk software.  This software allows us to see your screen and move your mouse & keyboard while talking to you over the phone. Call us first to set up a time. 
  • Another way we can help you is by using FaceTime or Google Duo on your smart phone.  
  • Some problems do however require us to physically be in front of your computer so you may still have to bring in your system.
  • Need training with Microsoft Office, Windows, Mac or Linux? No problem. We can do that virtually also!

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS:  Call us to set up a time to work together. We’ll have you download & run the program below. Using the secure code the program gives you, we initiate a connection to you. Simply accept our connection and we’re linked up. At that point we’re talking to you on the phone and at the same time moving your mouse & keyboard.  It’s a totally secure connection.  Pretty cool!  Once we’re finished we disconnect. We can’t reconnect to you unless you give us permission. You’re in total control.

Download for Windows
Download AnyDesk
Download MacOS
Download AnyDesk
Download LInux
Download AnyDesk