We Can Recover Data From Your Crashed Media




There’s nothing worse than turning on your computer one day and getting the message “no boot device”. The boot device is the hard drive in your system that stores all your data, including the operating system, either Windows or Apple macOS. Hard drives fail for a variety of reasons. Typically because of being bumped or dropped if in a laptop. They can also fail due to a power surge, malware or virus, or just from old age. A hard drive consists of a spinning platter or platters with a read / write head moving back and forth on an actuator arm. All this in combination reads data (when you open a document for example) and writes data (when you save a document). It’s not a matter if, it’s a matter of when. So you should always, always back up your data. We have specialized software that can recover data. We also have partnered with a data forensic company that can recover your data if it’s beyond our control. For a complete list of what media we recover data from, click here.