Sonoma is the latest macOS operating system

  If you need upgrading, let us know. We do these upgrades all the time. Just keep in mind that some older Macs are not compatible running this latest operating system. We can check your system for free and upgrade your system if it’s supported.  But don’t worry, if you system is older we still […]

Windows 11 is the latest PC operating system

Windows 11 is the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system for PCs. New systems come with it preinstalled. Older systems, if compatible, can be upgraded. We can help you in either case. Bring your system by for a free check. If you system supports Windows 11 we can upgrade it for you and make […]

We recycle your old electronics

We Recycle Electronics   We live in a throw away society. That’s a fact. But not everything has to be thrown away at the end of its life. Especially when it comes to electronics & technology, we all need to do our part to keep those items out of the land fill. This is because […]

Laptop screen & jack repair

Two of the top hardware repairs we do are broken laptop screens and laptop power jack repairs. If something physical broke on your laptop, call us. Many times we can fix it.  If we can’t, we’ll let you know ahead of time and you don’t owe us anything. The only exception to this is if […]

Make sure you’re backing up your mobile device

Backup Your Mobile Device   You always want to make sure you back up your mobile device!   We tend to take for granted that we will never lose anything stored on our mobile devices. Or we just don’t think about it when we’re taking all those pictures. But sooner or later your device will fail making […]

One on one training

One-on-one Training   We offer one on one personalized tech training. We customize your learning session to be just what you want. We offer training in Windows, Mac & networking. If there’s something specialized you need help with, say a special application for putting together a tech solution for your needs we work with you […]

We can recover data from dead hard drives

We Can Recover Data From Your Crashed Media     There’s nothing worse than turning on your computer one day and getting the message “no boot device”. The boot device is the hard drive in your system that stores all your data, including the operating system, either Windows or Apple macOS. Hard drives fail for […]

Older systems require more maintenance

Older Systems Are More Expensive to Maintain It’s a fact that older systems take more time, effort and money to maintain than newer systems. There tends to be a “line in the sand” for support. When does an older system cross that line and need to be replaced. On one hand older systems are set […]